The Transport Workers Union of Kenya was established as a trade union to represent the interests of transport workers in Kenya. The union was formed to address the concerns and protect the rights of workers within the transportation industry, which encompasses various sectors such as road transport, aviation, public transportation, logistics, and freight.

Throughout its history, the Transport Workers Union of Kenya has played a significant role in advocating for workers' rights, improving working conditions, and promoting the welfare of its members. The union has been actively involved in negotiations with employers, engaging in collective bargaining to secure better wages, benefits, and improved terms of employment for transport workers.

The Transport Workers Union of Kenya has also been engaged in advocacy and lobbying efforts to influence transportation policies, regulations, and labor laws that impact its members. The union has campaigned for the enforcement of safety standards, improved occupational health measures, and the elimination of unfair labor practices within the transport sector.

Furthermore, the Transport Workers Union of Kenya has been involved in training and skill development programs for its members, aiming to enhance their professional capabilities and improve their job prospects. These initiatives have focused on promoting safety practices, upgrading technical skills, and fostering career growth opportunities for transport workers.

Over the years, the Transport Workers Union of Kenya has collaborated with other trade unions, labor organizations, and relevant stakeholders to amplify its efforts and strengthen the collective voice of transport workers. This collaboration has allowed the union to address broader issues affecting the transport industry and advocate for the rights and interests of its members more effectively.


One of the oldest unions in Kenya, it was established as Nairobi African Taxi Drivers Union by the legendary freedom fighter Fred Kubai in the late 1930s and registered under the Trade Unions and Trade Disputes Ordinance on 30th July, 1946.


Between 3rd and 5th December, 1946 , a resolution was passed to change the name to the Kenya African Road Transport and
Mechanics Union.


Later on, it was changed to the Transport and Allied Workers Union and subsequent changes were registered with the Registrar of Trade Unions on 21st December, 1948.


After a notice from the Registrar of Trade Unions, the union changed to Transport Workers Union Kenya.